• How do I submit artwork for a custom product?

    Please click submit artwork here or visit our homepage and click on the "submit artwork and files" heading. Please make sure art files are in an Ai. or Eps. file format. Specfics for art files can be found on the "submit artwork" page. If you need assistance please contact us. Don't forget to also place your order either after or before submitting artwork.

  • What is the process for ordering a custom product?

    For most custom products, you can order directly through our site. Once an order has been placed, please submit your artwork using the "submit artwork and files" tab found on our home page. We will generate and email you a proof within 2 business days. If you are looking for a custom printed product not listed on our website, please contact us with details of what you are looking for.

  • Do you keep my artwork on file?

    For any custom printed item, the answer is almost always yes we do keep your artwork on file. This makes re-ordering easy as you can simply place your order through our site. In the "comment" section at checkout, leave a note letting us know you are re-ordering (assuming no changes are needed) and for what business. If we have any questions regarding your order, we will contact you. If you are needing to update artwork, please submit your art files. If you purchase a specialty product not listed on our site, please contact us.

  • How durable are your table numbers?

    This is the most common question we get from our customers and it's a hard one to answer. Many factors weigh into the longevity. Table numbers take a lot of wear and tear in restaurant environments. From handling by both employees and customers they can really take a beating. We have customers that only use 1 or 2 sets a year. We have chains that replace their table numbers every few months.

    Generally, the busier your establishment is the faster your numbers will show their age - which is great since it means you're busy. Our table numbers do have some flex to them and they can be broken and/or scratched after significant use or rough handling. It's unfortunately the nature of the beast for an item that gets such heavy use.

  • How soon can I expect my order to ship?

    Orders for stock items typically ship within one business day of receiving your order, and often ship same day. Custom orders typically ship within 8 business days of receiving approval of the artwork proof.

  • How should I clean my signs and table numbers?

    We recommend using a clean, damp cloth and spot cleaning as necessary. We don't recommend using any kind of cleaning chemical or abrasive cleaners as this can scratch or damage the ink. None of our products are dishwasher safe. 

  • Why is my shipping cost so high?

    Shipping rates are based on distance and dimensional weight. We recently added Priority Mail as a shipping option. In most cases, Priority Mail provides faster shipping than UPS ground. To get the most out of your shipping costs, we recommend ordering multiple items at one time. For example, if you use our table numbers you will find the shipping cost on 1 set often costs just as much as shipping 2 sets due to the dimensional weight. To avoid delay or extra shipping fees, we encourage you to double check your shipping address prior to submitting your order.

  • What kind of material are your signs made from?

    We work with several different materials. The most commonly used material is a polystyrene blend formulated specifically for our products. We also work with various PVC material, engraving stock, corrugated plastic and Lexan just to name a few.

  • What print technology do you use?

    Many of our stock items are screen printed. Most custom printed items are digitally printed which allows us the best flexibility in customization at a reasonable cost to our customers.

  • Are digital inks as durable as screen print inks?

    Generally speaking, screen print inks offer the best adhesion and durability for items that get handled a lot. Screen print inks are a different chemical make up than digital inks. While digital inks are constantly improving in the industry, digital printing is still a fairly new technology. Digitally printed products tend to show the wear and tear from grease, chemicals, and constant use faster than a screen printed product.

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